Hello, I'm Daniel

I've been designing digital products since 2011. I redesigned Kernel's analysis tool for medical teams; I designed Shootr’s Chat service; and I helped to design Telefonica’s Niji.

Before, I enjoyed a few years of cold and northern lights in the swedish Lapland. I studied a master in HCI; I researched about design for unobtrusive interfaces; and I designed for brands such as Benetton and Swedish Television at North Kingdom.

Besides that I believe that technology can have a positive impact in the world. I am passionate for data analysis and understanding new technologies, systems and businesses. I use this passion to invest in or design for the companies of the future.

Currently I live in Barcelona, but originaly I’m from La Rioja, a small region in Spain.

Thanks for stopping by.

Unobtrusive interaction

A chat to enhance the watching experience

Shootr is a chat for both traditional TV channels and modern streaming platforms. It is a tool for creators to engage, retain and monetise the audience. It enhances the whole viewing experience.

Shootr chat

How does Shootr Chat work

Shootr is a chat platform for both traditional TV channels and modern streaming platforms. It is a powerful tool for creators to engage, retain and monetise the audience. It enhances the whole viewing experience.

In order to use Shootr, clients integrate our SDK within their app, TV or website. After the integration, chats can be created and managed with the Control Panel or with the API.

Once the SDK is set up, their users have the chat together with the video. However, for those that prefer the traditional viewing experience, there is the possibility to hide the chat, which is my favorite feature.

Users have the option to chat with everyone in a massive conversation or chat with only a selected group of friends.


These prototypes are small examples of how a user navigates through the Chat and the Control Panel.

Chat Control Panel
Shootr chat


As the only member of UX in the company, I have the following responsabilities:

- Evangelise and lead the UX area in the company.
- Define the product by identifying opportunities and propose a strategy to develop the product.
- Lead the design of all platforms. Chat on mobile, tablet, TV and web; Control Panel website.
- Lead the UX research.

Shootr chat

UX challenges

One of the many challenges of this project is the fact that it would be integrated in many different video players and platforms. For example, video players have different controls and can be located on any place in the screen. Our chat shoudn’t be an issue to access them. Similarly, many TV channels place their brand and static information on different places on the screen.

Most imporantly, we had to take care of the user: avoid being annoying to those who just want to watch the video; provide powerful tools to block offensive content and prevent the chat from becoming overloaded when a massive audience is typing at the same time. Moreover, we should provide a SDK that is not only easy to integrate but in the same time has a powerful API to manage chats.

In addition, the interaction woudn’t be the same whether the chat is on a TV, a computer or a phone. This meant we had to design separate versions of the chat for each platform.

Finally, the main challenge designing the Control Panel was its information architecture. We wanted to create a tool useful for both traditional TV channels and modern streaming platforms, which are two different worlds in many aspects.

Shootr chat

UX solutions

We show only two things to users that interact with the chat for the first time: drag the chat to move it, and swipe the chat to hide it. We recognise these aspects as the most important of the experience to prevent that the chat becomes something undesirable: covering any of the controls of the video player or blocking any important information, like the score when watching a football match.

We explored each platform separately while designing the overall experience in order to provide the best characteristics for each platform. For example, the interaction with the chat on the TV works similarly to Google Chromecast: when mobile and TV are on the same WiFi, the app can control what is happening on the TV. This highly increases the possibilities of interaction.

We made lots of interviews and usability tests to people from the industry to get first hand knowledge. We wanted to make sure that not only the chat was attractive to them but the tools that we were building around it were powerful and useful enough.

I'm always looking for interesting challenges and new friends