Hello, I'm Daniel

I've been designing digital products since 2011. I redesigned Kernel's analysis tool for medical teams; I designed Shootr’s Chat service; and I helped to design Telefonica’s Niji.

Before, I enjoyed a few years of cold and northern lights in the swedish Lapland. I studied a master in HCI; I researched about design for unobtrusive interfaces; and I designed for brands such as Benetton and Swedish Television at North Kingdom.

Besides that I believe that technology can have a positive impact in the world. I am passionate for data analysis and understanding new technologies, systems and businesses. I use this passion to invest in or design for the companies of the future.

Currently I live in Barcelona, but originaly I’m from La Rioja, a small region in Spain.

Thanks for stopping by.

Unobtrusive interaction

Unobtrusive interaction

The challenges of creating unobtrusive technology applied to wearable devices and extreme sports.

Research · interaction design

How can we design technology that doesn't require our attention?

Currently, mobile and wearable technology demand too much of our attention. Research studies point that we are even experiencing difficulties to focus on our tasks or changes in our behavior. For example, it is common to interrupt our conversation with other people to attend the phone every time it starts ringing. Extreme sports is a area with high demands of unobtrusiveness for the technology. Atheletes in the field cannot afford giving attention to their devices. However, they may benefit greatly by using the information that technology is able to provide them.

During my master thesis I worked in partnership with the research team of Swedish Interactive Institute to research and develop the interaction design of a pair of glasses for skiing and mountain biking. The development of this head-up display makes use of the theoretical principles of activity theory and affective computing as a framework for HCI. The findings of the research propose changes in the design guidelines to avoid relying on active manipulation.

I'm always looking for interesting challenges and new friends